Originally from the Navajo Nation in northern Arizona, Sinclaire Marie now lives and works in eastern Kentucky. She is a graduate of Morehead State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. During her studies, Sinclaire Marie developed a strong interest in both ceramics and drawing.

Since graduating from Morehead State University, Sinclaire Marie has continued to create, exhibit her artwork, teach, and work in arts administration.

  • Wood-Fired Ceramics

    This process involves loading pieces of pottery into a wood-fired kiln that is fired for several days at temperatures above 2,300 degrees fahrenheit. During the firing, the pottery is exposed to a variety of natural elements such as ash and flames that result in a variety of unique glazes.

    Ceramic Portfolio 
  • Raku Ceramics

    Raku is a Japanese pottery technique that is known for its unique and unpredictable results. Raku ceramics are typically fired at a low temperature (1,400-1,800 degrees fahrenheit) and then quickly cooled. This technique creates a crackled or crazed surface and can produce iridescent metallic effects.

    BFA Raku Portfolio 
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  • Charcoal Drawings

    "The charcoal in these pieces all brought inspiration back into me, enabling me to continue my journey to fulfill my answer..."

    Charcoal Portfolio 
  • My workshops are designed to introduce you to the beauty and excitement of this ancient Japanese firing technique.

  • In this workshop, you will learn the basics of required to create your own raku pottery!

  • No previous experience is required, and all workshop material will be provided.

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